Classy, Simple & Responsive

This theme is inspired by the simplicity of the Metro interface on Windows Phone 7. It’s a classy, simple and responsive design that puts a strong emphasis on content over fancy design.

  • Responsive design works fluently on mobiles, tablets and PCs
  • Dark and Light themes are available from the control panel
  • Fully customisable – choose any colour you want for the Accent


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    how can I translate your theme to french ?

  2. Hi Ludo, I’ve only just started working on the translation system for the theme, so it should be available in the next week or so. I’ll send you an email when it’s ready, if you like?


    Hey can you provide a blogger template of this theme….. It would be really helpful
    And I must say you really have done a great job…….

  4. Hi Faad,

    Unfortunately, I’ve had no experience building templates for Blogger, so it would be quite a bit of effort to learn the structure.

    Maybe some time in the future, but I have no plans to do it just yet…


    can you tell me please how to create squares to the right of the screen


    I’v some problems with this theme, I can’t add tile category in this theme, Added some categories but not loaded in category list
    I’m trying to RTL support in this theme for Bi-Directional language like Persian, Arabic etc


    I like this theme!
    nice, clean and fast!

    keep up the good work.


    Hi, I can’t find the demo button. Can you guide me please? TQ

  9. Akhi, this whole website is a demo of the theme. There’s not much to it really.

    Here’s another example of the theme being used:

  10. Johnh, the squares on the right are the “* Metro Categories Tiles” widget – just enable that on the Widgets page and your categories will display as tiles.

  11. Amir, I’ve never made anything RTL before, so I can’t help you out easily – if you do manage it and it works well enough, create a branch and push it to your fork and I’ll look at merging it in.

    Cheers and good luck! 🙂


    hi, firstly million thanks for the great theme, one question how to add my logo in the header?

  13. Thanks Rakib!

    I did think about adding support for a logo in, but it goes against the Metro design, so I didn’t (that’s why the menu (or title if you don’t have a menu) are all written lowercase).

    If you really want to add a logo in, you could just find the ID of your home page in the menu and use some custom CSS to style it up. For example, the home page on this site has a menu ID of 28, so I could use the following selector to apply a background image and adjust the padding:

    “#menu-header-menu {}”

    Alternatively, you could just edit the template files and hard code your logo in – it’s all up to you!



    thanks, i did it by editing the template files, keep up u’r best works 🙂


    Hi Jon,
    I’m using your theme on my blog and very much impressed with it.A small suggestion,
    Separate the header section and add the ability to integrate header banner (160*400) or at least give some space for a logo. Since these are important IMHO.


    • Swapnil, if you’d like to add an image to your header, then go for it, but I’m not going to update the template for it as it goes against the Metro design. If you do add one in, post back here and let me know – I’d be interested to see how it works out for you.


    Hey Jon,
    One more query, maybe two
    Will you be adding post image feature or featured image?
    And any way to show author profile under the posts?


    • Swapnil, the featured image is the same story as the header – it goes against the style, so I won’t be adding that in.

      The author section is a good idea though – I’ll definitely add that in soon.


    Thanks for the nice looking theme!
    Is there a possibility to adapt the metro tiles in the right?
    If you have a lot of Tags in your WordPress site, the tiles on the right become enormous, it takes to much space in the layout.

    • Ben, I see what you mean – you do have a lot of categories!

      What kind of control do you think you need? I could probably have it simply show only the most popular categories (you’d be able to choose how many in the admin bit), or I could make it so that you have to manually choose which categories appear? What do you reckon?


    I’m looking at using this theme for my news site, but will have to modify a few things to fit Windows 8 Metro, as this follows Windows Phone Metro. Hopefully, Microsoft will make these two styles even more similar to each other.

    • Hi Matthew – let me know when you’ve made the changes – I’d be interested to see how it turns out!


    Hi Jon,
    firstly: many thanks for the great job you did. It’s a really nice theme.
    I have one question. What about the RSS/Facebook/Twitter/Email unter each articel? How can I activate them or arent’t they implemented yet.


    • Hi Daniel,

      Yeah, there was a bug with them a while ago which meant they weren’t properly clickable. If you download the latest copy of the blog and install that, the links are working fine now!



    How to display that navigation bar? I mean those Pages in navigation bar like Download, Contact etc? When I tried creating pages it wouldn’t show in Navigation Bar. Actually there would be no navigation bar.

    • To get the nav links showing, just create a menu from the “Appearance > Menus” section of your control panel and assign it to the “Primary Navigation”.


    Is this theme available for the wordpress domain users? In other words can I use this on a free wordpress blog site and if so, how can I implement it?

  22. Hi Mike,

    The theme is free to use, so as long as you can upload themes to your blog, go ahead and use it!

    I’m trying to get it submitted to the WordPress theme directory at the minute, so people will be able to install it from there and receive updates and so on, but they’re quite picky about a few things… 😉


    I’ve made the modifications that I mentioned earlier:

    I’m probably going to lighten the share bar underneath each post, though.


    how to install this template?

    • Adam, just download the files from Github and upload them to your themes directory. Then you just have to activate it in your control panel and have fun playing around with the colours!



    Thanks for the great theme!

    I would like to know how to enable bullets and numbering for lists with Metro. I get these when I switch to basically any other theme. In your text above you have those nice tick marks as bullets…

    Another question is about the typography: the current text layout looks very nice on Windows Phones. On a computer screens (Firefox, Safari at least), the default body text looks a bit cramped. I would prefer tiny bit larger body text and bit more space between rows.

    Regards, Otso

    • Hi Otso,

      Thanks for the comments! A couple of people have mentioned the list styles now, so I’m going to add something into the next version for them.

      The ones above are a bit of a cheat – I’ve used a plugin that allows custom CSS to be added to posts/pages to insert them. 😉

      I’ll have a play around with the font-sizes and line-heights at the same time – I can’t please everyone though, so I might just set up the defaults and then add another bit into the admin CMS that allows them to be overridden. That could go against the Metro design though… We’ll see how it goes. 😉

      Stay tuned for some updates!


    Great stuff, Jon, looking forward to the update. And thanks again for the awesome theme!

  27. Hey guys, I’ve uploaded an update to Github – this will add styles for lists in posts and fix a bug with image alignment.

    The way I’ve done the lists (to work with your accent colour) uses a CSS3 trick, so it won’t work in really old browsers, but that shouldn’t really be a problem – it falls back fairly gracefully.

    Let me know what you think and if you have and issues with it!



    I installed the template but the box comments doesnt appears!! (comments are activated)

    • Do you want to send me a link to your site so I can have a look? The comments do work OK – this site is using the latest version of the template…


    Yeah I do agree. I am having issues with the comments box as well.. If you go to my site and take a look at one of the recent posts with out any comments; you run into the issue that you can’t add a comment at all… But if there are already comments associated with a post.. the leave you comment box appears…


    I don’t get comments on mine either…

  31. Hey guys, I’ve uploaded a couple of fixes for the comments section to GitHub – if you all update your themes, it should all hopefully be working as expected now! 😉



    Theme looks great. I’ve compared it to some other Windows8 themes, but this one seems to be the clearest (and cheapest) theme!
    Great work!


    Thanks for the great theme!


    Nice theme, appreciate the work.

    Question about the ad redirects in the template. Where are those coming from? I can’t seem to find them but there are a lot. See the listing here:


    • Hi Mike,

      Most of them seem to be coming from the AddThis plugin I use under each post.

      I’m really not that impressed with AddThis anymore – I think I’m going to bin them off and do the sharing widget differently.

      Stay tuned for updates! 😉



    Hi Jon! 😀

    First of all, great theme, great job!
    I would like to translate WP Metro to spanish language, if you want of course.

    If you agree just let me know. 😉


    • Hi there,

      Thanks for your interest. By all means, if you would like to translate it, you can create a pull request on GitHub and I’ll merge it in for you. 🙂




    a very nice WP theme! I will use it on my html-css-js based windows-desktop-apps.
    And therefor i would need it also in HTML-CSS. Can you make a download for an pure HTML-CSS-Version of this?

    – Aaron

    • Hi Aaron,

      Thanks for your interest! The html is all generated by PHP scripts – so is the CSS once you’ve chosen your colours in the control panel.

      The easiest way for you to get what you need is probably just to right-click on the page and “Save Page As” – that should give you all the assets you need…




    Hi Jon,

    This is a neat theme you got here! I’m really thinking about using it on my blog. The thing is, because I have overly wide photos in there, I think I’ll need a wider main column, the one with percentage width values? (CMIIW please, I am not a design person)

    Can you make a version of this that will go wider on my widescreen monitor?



    Hi Jon,

    Great theme, I’m going to use it but can you tell me how to change the width just like ?



    Hello Jon
    thanks for this great looking template.
    I second Rad’s request. can we please get a wider page theme please. i suppose it is possible to do this by tinkering with the current theme settings but i am not sure where to start..

  40. Hi guys, I’ve pushed the changes to make the template widescreen to a new branch on Github.

    I’ve not merged it into master yet because there’s still a few details I’m working on.

    So if you want the widescreen theme, you can just download the updated version from here:




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